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The attorneys at ATS have been in the tax controversy, resolution and mediation industry for years, guiding our clients through complex tax issues. We frown upon companies that use deceptive advertising and trade practices to lure potential clients in only to handle their cases without the knowledge, experience or passion necessary to properly and compassionately offer a resolution. We have a professional staff of attorneys, enrolled agents and tax professionals with a proven track record of successfully representing clients with federal, state and local tax issues. ATS employs a unique and effective approach to handling a particular tax issue. We carefully analyze each of our client’s circumstances and compare those circumstances against all available tax debt solutions, to ensure the best resolution possible is reached. Once we determine the best approach, we start communicating and negotiating aggressively on behalf of our clients to achieve the desired resolution. This approach allows us to not only work professionally and efficiently to resolve tax disputes, but to also keep the client’s best interests at hand. We have a well established reputation with all levels of the government and private tax community, which gives us a comprehensive understanding of the internal workings of administrative tax agencies. ATS employs top notch tax professionals that specialize in representing individuals, partnerships and corporations before IRS, State and local tax agencies. Our resolution team is knowledgeable and highly skilled in navigating the choppy waters of complex IRS regulations, procedures, tax laws, protocols, negotiating settlements, and mediation on your behalf. We understand that living with a tax issue can be extremely stressful. Prolonging the issue only makes matters worse. Once you hire us, we will take over all communications with the appropriate taxing authority. We look forward to serving you.

Applied Knowledge is Power!

Excuse the cliché, but it’s true! Would you like your IRS tax debt situation resolved? What about your paycheck, assets and bank accounts? Would you like them protected against IRS collection actions? Finally, what about peace of mind? Working our IRS issue out can eliminate the stress associated with your tax issue. Authority Tax Services believes in helping our clients understand the basics surrounding what our strategy will be when resolving their tax issue. When we analyze individual tax issues, we are reviewing them against up to 47 different IRS solutions. Once we figure out what options best fit your needs we will explain them to you so you are clear about what to expect. Additionally, it is important to understand if our primary resolution action does not get approved for any reason, we always have a Plan B, which includes helping protect the integrity of your finances to the best degree possible. Authority Tax Services is here to provide solutions for your tax debt to avoid IRS collections. If you have questions about IRS processes, tax debt, or tax relief, please spend some time browsing our website or click on “Blog” at the top to read our articles about tax relief. Read More

Why Authority Tax Services was Started

Have you ever wanted to refer a family member or friend to a business that provides excellent service but didn’t know of any? That is why we built Authority Tax Services. It is a company we could do business with and feel confident referring to others. For years now, the Tax Resolution industry has been in total chaos. Tons of companies continue to open all over the country that are focused on nothing more than making a quick buck. Companies like this make empty promises, mislead clients, charge high fees, and lack client service support. Unfortunately, this rarely results in resolving tax issues. You cannot pull the wool over the eyes of the IRS. Authority Tax Services focuses on the facts, not the fluff, effectively resolving tax issues. Authority Tax Services is making a difference and doing its part to transform this important industry. But make no mistake about it, we diligently address issues and argue aggressively when needed.

You Have The Right To Tax Representation by a Tax Lawyer.

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