Every year the IRS mails out more than 200 million notices about changes or questions on tax returns that typically relate to an action the IRS is taking or about to take on your account. The tax code is complex and confusing, because of that there are many errors that can cause issues, some are made by the IRS while many issues are taxpayer / tax preparer mistakes like unintentionally missing a W-2 .

  • EIC issues / dependent issues
  • Spousal issues
  • Write offs being disallowed
  • Under-reporting
  • Common math errors
  • Return rejections
  • Math errors on filed returns
  • Homebuyer credit and earned income tax credit being disputed
  • Missing and lost payments
  • Head of Household issue

In these instances we can help you determine whether or not the IRS is correct. You need to know if the adjustment was correct or should be disputed.

What if I owe more than $100,000?

These are “High Dollar Cases” we do have experts on hand who understand “High Dollar” cases. When contacting us, make sure you indicate you owe over $100k to ensure you are talking to someone qualified to analyze your situation. It is important to note that just because you owe $100k or more does not necessarily mean your case is more complex. In some cases it can be extremely complex however, let us figure that out and make sure you are not taken advantage of just because you owe such a large amount.