Authority Tax Services. Provides Sound Solutions for Your Tax Debt Issues

Taking on the IRS alone is never easy nor is it recommended. Those suffering from tax debt issues endure a daily struggle. But with Authority Tax Services on your side, you never have to worry! Authority Tax Services is your ultimate source for IRS tax debt solutions.

Authority Tax Services, has direct connections with the most reliable IRS tax debt relief resources and professionals available. After careful evaluation we’ve concluded that our partners live up to our highest quality standards. This means you will get the help you desperately need to solve all of your tax debt issues.

Find the Perfect Solution for your IRS Tax Debt Issues

We are confident that we can provide any of the following tax relief services for you.

  • Offers in Compromise: An Offer in Compromise is an IRS tax debt settlement. This allows you to pay a lower figure than the full amount of your tax debt liability. You might qualify to settle your tax debt if paying the IRS would create an economic hardship and it would be unfair or inequitable for you to pay the repay the debt in full. Strict IRS guidelines make it very difficult to settle tax debt with an Offer in Compromise unless you’re working with a professional.
  • Installment Agreements: An Installment Agreement is contract made between the IRS and the taxpayer. This binding contract requires the taxpayer to pay the Tax Debt in a set amount of time. This means with an Installment Agreement, it’s possible to pay your Tax Debt in affordable monthly payments. However, you may need help from a professional to negotiate the monthly payment amount. You want a professional that can negotiate with the IRS on your behalf for a payment that you can comfortably afford.
  • Penalty Abatement: A reasonable tax debt amount can become astronomical when you include IRS penalties and interest. However, it’s possible to remove IRS penalties and greatly reduce the tax debt amount. If any of the situations caused the tax debt, you have a case for penalty abatement and you should contact a professional immediately: Natural disaster, tax records lost or destroyed, fixed income (or retired), victim of theft, victim of bad financial advice, or victim of serious health problems.
  • Currently Not Collectible: In some cases, it’s possible to stop IRS collection actions for good. Under certain circumstances, the IRS will place an account under “Currently Not Collectible” status to cease collection actions. This status is usually temporary, but gives the taxpayer time to improve their situation. You can apply if you have little or no income, are seriously ill, or otherwise are unable to pay the tax debt due to a situation beyond your control.
  • Tax Filing Services: If you haven’t filed in years, no worries! Authority Tax Services can submit your back taxes and get you back in compliance with the IRS. Remember, filing your back taxes is the first step to resolving all of your IRS issues.

Get Help with your IRS Tax Debt Issues Now

You don’t have to face the IRS alone! Nor, should you ever have to! You can work with an experienced and reliable professional to settle or reduce your IRS tax debt. With Authority Tax Services., we believe it is vital to adhere to the highest quality standards, stability and experience for the best results.