Mission Statement

Authority Tax Services, LLC was created for one purpose:  to fairly represent a client base that has for too long been taken advantage of by unscrupulous operations looking to make a buck on the misfortunes of those they purport to serve.  Our goals are to provide quality of service in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Unlike most other tax resolutions companies, Authority Tax Services, LLC is owned and operated by attorneys specializing in tax law with over 20 years of experience in tax controversy, representation and mediation.  Understanding the economics of a law company, we are keenly aware that a large segment of the population with tax problems cannot obtain the legal advice required to effectively negotiate with an administrative agency armed with the most aggressive collection arsenal on the planet.

Our experience, relationships and top notch credentials allow us to offer our clients effective representation.  The infrastructure and model we created within Authority Tax Services, LLC, allow us to do so in a cost-effective manner with that same quality of service and offer a reputable alternative to the tax resolution companies continuing to make the wrong kind of headlines in the news.  The industry must evolve.  We hope to be the first step in the right direction.


Authority Tax Services was founded in 2009 but was in the works long before that. We are currently one of the smaller companies, but our team has a “whatever it takes” attitude when it comes to our clients. We are growing slowly but steadily and we believe that slow growth is the only way to keep things under control while maintaining high standards.

Our Team

We only hire professionals that embrace teamwork, integrity, and our core values. There is no room for egos at this company. Our number one goal when bringing on new team members is to only hire enthusiastic and positive professionals that are ready to take on the challenges of solving tax problems and excited in doing so. Everyone we hire clearly understands that we believe in providing great service for a fair fee.

Core Values

Our core values, integrity, honesty, hard work, efficient work, asking for help, and lending a hand are the lifeblood of our company. These values help create a positive culture, leading to a proficient work environment and ensure that 100% of our staff has character.

Our Goals

  1. Not to be the biggest company, but one of the most efficient and respected Tax Relief companies in America by both our clients and colleagues.
  2. Be affordable by having efficient systems that allow us to help people that otherwise could not afford to hire a tax relief company.
  3. Help transform the industry by weeding out company that prey on individuals with tax issue.
  4. Have the resources to donate money and volunteer our time to our preferred charitable organizations.